Two of my daughters attended USC and I was there many times for various events.  I looked with envy at the great film school and digital laboraties and thought in another reality it would be great to learn about video editing and production there.  But, little did I know that I was going to get to a great film school as well.  It's called Youtube and over the past 10 years or so I"ve dedicated my energy to learn from some magnificent teachers.  Today, because of them, I call myself "accomplished in Adobe Premiere and several other programs in the Adobe suite.  I am amazed at their willingness to take their time and effort to share their knowledge on a daily basis with me, and I could not thank them more.  At this point in my life it has meant so much to wake up to another day of being able to be creative.  There are many great teachers on the Net, in many different aspects of film production.  Besides lessons in the Adobe suite I've had great teachers in lighting, cameras, camera move, the philosophy of editing and many more.  If you're like me, I'm sure you have your own favorite teachers, but, I wanted to create this list of the Adobe Premiere and After Effects professors that I have learned the most of.  I'm open to any suggestions on who should be added those teachers....All I can say is Thank you...thank you so much for your great gifts of education!

Matti Haapoja -

Sonduck Films

Adobe Masters

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