If you're going to the expense of having a pool in your "paradise in the backyard," you'll want to be sure to maintain it...keep the chemicals balanced and keep it clean.  It is rare to find an expert in pool maintenance and repair, that is also up to date on latest techniques as Aloha's Bob Blade.

To keep the pool clean Bob recommends the Polaris 280 and he took us to one of his Pebble Beach locations to show us how it works.   Bob explained, 

"So then you can see the debris on the bottom, which is nil, thanks to the Polaris 280.. It's a polarity Model 280 automatic pool cleaner and uses a pressure pump to run very efficiently..it does a great job. 

The pressure pump runs this hose about the same pressure as a garden hose so it has a lot of strength to it. Pressure cleaners are way better for swimming pools than those that use suction cleaners that attach to the skimmer or suction line. That put a load on the system. Also, this only has to run about an hour a day. 

It costs maybe 10 cents to keep the pool clean every day. It vacuums...This one we took the tail off because they sprayed the windows. If it's a nuisance and getting the windows wet you remove it. 

It's presently off. I'll turn it. It's just running on the system pressure. We've got a good pump and filter system and piping hydraulics that it's actually runs a little bit on its own."

Bob can guide you on what you need for your pool or spa.  He does regular maintenance once or twice a week depending on your needs.  Call 831) 647-8680 for more information.

Check out the video we shot at the Pool in Pebble Beach
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