Bob Blade, known frequently to his friends and customers as "Aloha Bob" has been operating Aloha Pool and Spa for over 20 years now.  He grew up in nearby Santa Cruz where his father was a doctor.  Grandad was a water well driller the grapevines in the Fresno area.  So, Bob learned about plumbing and electricity from his grandfather, and his dad who had learned the skills as he grew up.  Out of high school, Bob went into the Navy and brought his knowledge with him to use to repair ships and submarines.  Once his time with the Navy ended, Bob returned home and began to work for a company that was involved in various kinds of construction, including pools and spas.  That company merged with a company on the Monterey Peninsula, which eventually attracted Bob to move his family to Monterey and start Aloha Pool and Spa.  One of his sons is now grown and works with Bob at Aloha as well.  

Those customers who meet Bob are impressed by his amazing knowledge of how to maintain and repair pools, spas and other water fixtures.  He is a member of three trade organizations that help keep him up to date with new processes and changing laws, and he has served as an officer in those organizations as well.  Customers are also impressed by Bob's passion for his job.  He, obviously, loves what he does. 

Oh, and one more thing about Bob Blade. While, you might see him tooling around Pebble Beach going on a route to keep customers pools and spas in their finest shape, there's another place you might find him.  At a local ice cream store, Carmel luncheon or Pacific Grove special event you will witness him behind the piano.  His passion is playing ragtime and just like his expertise in pools and spas he is considered one of the best Scott Joplin songs player in the country.  Whatever hat he is wearing he will always greet you with a smile, and, of aloha.

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