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I have been producing audio all of my life and video for many years as well. Now, I am immersed as not only a creator but, an everyday student of the video production craft. I have many wonderful teachers of all ages and styles on line. Today, I live in and love Adobe Premiere, Audition and After Effects. I have used several other programs in the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) as needed to aid video production.I have worked in Audition since it was Cool Edit...before that, it was tape, razor blades and a splicing block. More importantly I got to work beside some of the best editors in the business in LA, New York and Nashville. My video experience goes back to editing on a movieola...I was inspired to concentrate on video production after watching documentaries like Ry Cooder's Buena Vista Social Club and an insiprational conversation with Academy Award nominated editor, Matt Chesse who encouraged me to "do this." I was also heavily influenced by my long time friend Michael Nesmith who many consider the father of music video. Below are a few examples of the hundreds of videos I have produced over the most recent years. I am currently producing a series of documentary/guides on RVing the California Coast. These videos reflect some of that work, but, also my interests in producing wedding, real estate, and other videos..each is an art genre in its own right and draws me into doing each art form to its fullest. Link to many more videos on my Youtube channel is at the bottom of this page. And, if you want to see more complete background click on my Resume button next.

Rosie and Bernie's Wedding - My Production

A seasoned wedding videographer shot this wedding as I was officiating. He then gave me about 6 hours of raw video to produce this final culmination. It is 22 minutes long because the bride wanted to include several of the family testimonials in here...Loved editing and producing this...ready to do more wedding videos

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