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Bob Hamilton

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Pioneer broadcaster, scientist, author, innovator, industry leader, researcher, marketer, dedicated music lover!  For over 50 years, Bob Hamilton has performed, served and lived the radio/music/internet industry. From falling in love with the miracle of radio as a child, to becoming one of its' most innovative leaders, he has lived and breathed the communications industry every day of his life and continues to blaze the trail with a passion that has only increased through the years.  In his resume comes a decade of being on the air, then, the first radio programming magazine, historic industry gatherings, creation of the World Premiere concept in marketing music artists, author of five successful books about radio/music, the first online radio trade publication and sharing network established in 1983, award winning radio producer, video documentarian, the development of online niche radio, podcasts and now, a leader in social and blog marketing for the radio/music industry.    He is a rare combination of history and innovation with a continuing desire to encourage all to take advantage of the opportunities this new world of communication offers.


Video & audio editing and production (Adobe Premiere/Audition)

Social Network Marketing

   - public relations



    - scripts

    - journalistic/Publisher

Radio/TV host


    -voice over


Motion Graphics producer in Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Multimedia producer

    - CD, DVD

    - on the web


RV Dream New Radio 

01/2003 to Current


An on line video channel and written information source for and about the RV world.  Major part of the company is RV Dream marketing, utilizing video and social network marketing to market RV parks and other related companies

New Radio Star

02/1982 to Curent


The radio/music industries first on line sharing and information source.  Over a thousand major market morning shows have been subscribers to the daily "Superstar" service.

World Wide TV Show Fast Forward

01/1976 to 12/1982

Host/Talent Aquisition

Hosted and assisted in talent acquisition for TV show, Fast Forward.  Show aired weekly on MTV in U.S. and various other networks around the world.  Conducted interviews of artists from Phil Collins, AC/DC, Abba, U2, John Mellancamp, Eddie Money, and many others.  Filmed in New York, LA, London, Stockholm, Sweden and many other locations around the world.

Hamilton Research and Marketing - New York and Los Angeles

01/1978 to 02/1982


Conducted National research for various record companies and major artists. Then created and conducted various promotions on a national basis utilizing radio and Retail. Additionally, published a Weekly Newsletter for the radio music industry.

Chuck Blore Creative Services - Hollywood, CA

01/1974 to 04/1977


Worked with some of entertainment Industries top actors creating audio commercials and syndicated radio shows for stations all over the world.

Totally responsible for all production.  

The Radio Report - New York City and Hollywood, CA

01/1970 to 12/1974


The radio/music industry's first programming magazine.  Music charts became one of the most important tools for radio across North America

Radio Consultant

01/1970 to 12/1974


Designed radio station programming from the beginning across the U.S....particularly worked as consultant with KRUX, KRIZ and KUPD in Phoenix and KMVI in Waiuluku, Maui

Roulette Records - New York City

01/1968 to 01/1970

National Promotion Director

In charge of all marketing for Roulette records and its artists worldwide. Had most success with Tommy James and the Shondells with platinum records Crimson and Clover, Mony Mony and Crystal Blue Persuasion.

WKY Television - Oklahoma City, OK

01/1965 to 03/1968


Wrote for noon day variety show, Danny's Day, also served as performer on that Show.  Performer on children's daily TV, The Foreman Scotty Show.  Developed character Mortimor the Clown, for that show and performed throughout Oklahoma towns with personal appearances and shows.

Various Radio Stations

05/1960 to 06/1969

On Air/Management

Began as top 40 disc jockey at KBEK in Elk City, Oklahoma...worked on the air as disc jockey, program director, music director and ultimately general manager for various stations including KHEN, Henryetta, OK, KFMJ, Tulsa,  KBIX, Muskogee, KHOG, Fayetteville, AR, KOSG, Pawhuska, KTRN, Wichita Falls, Texas, WKY, Oklahoma CIty, WGLI, Babylon, New York, KRUX, Phoenix.



Southwestern State College - Weatherford, OK


East Central State University - Ada, OK

1962 Associate of Arts Degree


Connors State College - Warner, OK

1964 First Class Radio Engineering - Radio Engineering

Elkins School of Broadcasting - Dallas, TX


Maui Community College - Kaunakakai, HI


University of Hawaii - Maui College - Kahului, HI


California State University - Los Angeles, CA

Conducted advanced Psychophysiology experiments in own lab for two years at this university.  Also conducted communication and parapsychological experiments here.


Concentration was on science and advanced statistical analysis.


St. Paul's Theological Seminary - Kansas City, MO

Activities and Honors

Created the radio/music industry's first programming magazine, setting a precedent for many more to follow


Received the highly prestigious Billboard Magazine Radio producer of the year award while working with Chuck Blore Creative Services in Los Angeles.


Conceived of, and published successful Fred Magazine and Black Radio Exclusive which continues today.


Wrote five successful books for the radio/music industry.


Working with dozens of record companies and major artists created the World Premiere Marketing concept in the late 1970s and 1980s. Created and oversaw very successful, world wide marketing campaigns for Abba, Heart, David Bowie, Gloria Estefan, Moody Blues, Jefferson Starship, Kenny Loggins, George Jones, George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Oakridge Boys and others.


Was awarded platinum and gold records for work with most of these artists.


All publications and productions are now housed in the Bob Hamilton Collection of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library at their request.


Spent a lifetime career in the art of the interview.  Has conducted literally thousands of interviews for radio, television, print and on line.  Highlight interviews included a one on one evening with Richard Nixon, a day with actor John Wayne, scientists like Marshall McLuen and J.B. Rhine, and many, many major recording artists.

Host of the Grammy Awards first world wide webcast..interviewed dozens of Grammy winners for the 6 hour show


Created the radio/music industry's first on line publication and sharing service...long before the internet.  Set it up first, on a mainframe computer using the ADP network in 1982.  Radio Star became New Radio Star as it moved to the Internet in 1993.  As part of the service created a morning radio show sharing service with over 150 morning radio shows subscribing and contributing to the daily feeds.


Working with Ann and Nancy Wilson in Seattle created the first life story of a major artist with Heart/20 Years of Rock and Roll in 1994.  Helped create a new audio format to include more high quality audio on one disc than had been previously possible.


Working with Xing technologies contributed to the creation and perfecting of  the .mp3 sound format.


Created a series of seminars for the forward edge radio/music industry with experts from all areas of communications.  Seminars were held from Philadelphia to Estes Park to Whistler's Mountain, BC and more.  Some of the industry's top experts participated in these seminars.


Created RV Dream New Radio, an internet only radio/video/interactive station for and about RVers and RVing.


Created RV Dream marketing, using video and social network marketing increased some parks occupancy by as much as 70%.

Produced 8 hour double DVD documentary/guide RVing the Bay Area

Produced CD’s, Sounds of Pillar Point and Sounds of the Monterey Peninsula

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