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I have been producing audio all of my life and video for many years as well. Now, I am immersed as not only a creator but, an everyday student of the video production craft. I have many wonderful teachers of all ages and styles on line. Today, I live in and love Adobe Premiere, Audition and After Effects. I have used several other programs in the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) as needed to aid video production.I have worked in Audition since it was Cool Edit...before that, it was tape, razor blades and a splicing block. More importantly I got to work beside some of the best editors in the business in LA, New York and Nashville. My video experience goes back to editing on a movieola...I was inspired to concentrate on video production after watching documentaries like Ry Cooder's Buena Vista Social Club and an insiprational conversation with Academy Award nominated editor, Matt Chesse who encouraged me to "do this." I was also heavily influenced by my long time friend Michael Nesmith who many consider the father of music video. Below are a few examples of the hundreds of videos I have produced over the most recent years. I am currently producing a series of documentary/guides on RVing the California Coast. These videos reflect some of that work, but, also my interests in producing wedding, real estate, and other videos..each is an art genre in its own right and draws me into doing each art form to its fullest. Link to many more videos on my Youtube channel is at the bottom of this page. And, if you want to see more complete background click on my Resume button next.

Rosie and Bernie's Wedding - My Production

A seasoned wedding videographer shot this wedding as I was officiating. He then gave me about 6 hours of raw video to produce this final culmination. It is 22 minutes long because the bride wanted to include several of the family testimonials in here...Loved editing and producing this...ready to do more wedding videos

Mark and Lindsey's Wedding

This wedding was held in Destin, Florida. I never met or talked to the videographer. They just sent me dozens of short 4K mp4s (everything was shot in 4k). The videographer also used three cameras from different angles on the ceremony and added an audio only recording device as well. So, gave me a chance to continue to use the multicam editing capabilities of Premiere Pro. The family chose the music as well, so I just made it fit. Produced it in less than a month.

Imagine Dragons Multi-Track Music Video for Believer

This is an example of my abilities in multi camera editing. This was a contest conducted by Adobe and Imagine Dragons. They gave us all the camera shots and we had to create our own music video for the song, Believer. Adobe Premiere is a great program to use in multi camera production.

RVing the Bay Area DVD Promo

It took 3 intense years but I completed an 8 hour double DVD documentary/guide for people visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a video guide but, it's the story of the history of the most creative place on earth that is the universal theme. In this 10 minute portfolio you will see my abilities in Adobe After Effects...I particularly love the use of the 3d camera.

Interview - Showing Off Luxury Cabins

This is a two fold example of my work. First, I have conducted literally thousands of interviews over the years....from the likes of John Wayne, Richard Nixon and many other celebrities to people you've never heard from, all who have great stories. This video also gives you an example of my ability to show off a property. Real estate video is an art form in itself and one that I can do well.

John Steinbeck's Pastures of Heaven

Being a lifelong radio/audio producer, the one aspect of my craft I've had to work on most is my camera work. Most everything is shot time for setup. What I have learned to do is to write with the camera as well as the keyboard and the mike. Everything is about story. This video is an example of what I really love to do....story inspiring passionate experience.

Where to Park Your RV on The Monterey Peninsula

Most (but not all) of what I have done over the past several years is targeted to the RV community. One of the challenges of RVers coming to the towns of the Monterey Peninsula is where to park their rigs. We did months of research from Carmel, Monterey, etc on best places for them. This presented my own challenge of how to tell the story. Using maps, Adobe After Effects and Premiere I combined animated maps with videos and interviews to try to make this story easy to understand for people who have never been to the Peninsula. I combined HD and 4K cameras and spent time with Lumetri color correction as the light was different over a span of time in doing this. I loved producing, writing and voicing this!

Pillar Point RV Park

I produced several of these videos for RV parks as we traveled up and down the California coast shooting for our documentary/guides. Pillar Point, just north of Half Moon Bay was our headquarters while we produced RVing the Bay Area. Using the drone helped set the story of it being right on the Pacific ocean....

For many more videos go to my Youtube channel (click below)

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