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I learned how to make S'mores while camping with the Girl Scouts.  In fact, the first published S'more recipe appears in the 1940 Girl Scout Handbook.  I was always told that the name S'more was a shortened version of the words, "some more"   Everyone loves S'mores.  Dessert made on a stick... everyone makes their own and there's no dishes to wash!  While the basic S'more recipe has remained the same all these...

Just down the road from Kamp Klamath you'll find access to both the river and the ocean.  It is here that the local Yurok tribe has one of its ceremonial grounds.


This is a dance pit.
The "Brush Dance" is a ceremony held to heal a sick child or to pray for a long, healthy life for the child.  Entire families and villages come together.   Preparation for the dance begins on a Wednesda...
Here's the deal: When you're located on one of the finest salmon fishing rivers in the world, you're used to only the best king salmon...and when you have the best king salmon, prep it in an all-natural brine  and cold smoke it over red alder, you get the best smoked king salmon. 

I was sitting with Mary on Friday when she was preparing Doug's latest batch of smoked salmon  for the Farmer's Market in Crescent City.

Check out this...

Visiting Kamp Klamath?  Try crabbing in Crescent City, CA

How about some free food!    If you're tired of paying way too much for half a crab in a highly average restaurant, why not just go get your own fresh Dungeness crab right out of the ocean? 

From Kamp Klamath, in Klamath, California, it's a beautiful 20 mile drive by the ocean and through the redwoods to Crescent City.  On our way to visit the lighthouse, ...
One of the most breathtaking places I've ever seen is a place called Fern Canyon.   If you have just one more day, this is a must see thing to do.

We shared the experience with Kamp Klamath owner, Aaron Funk and his friend, Carol.  He told us the history of Gold Bluff and Fern Canyon and how it relates to the early gold miners.  You can hear his explanation on in the video playlist marked Fern Canyon.

This working commercial harbor and sports basin is one of the busiest in the nation for tonnage of seafood landed.  It ranks 3rd on the west coast (outside of Alaska) for amount of Dungeness crab caught and is home to one of the largest fishing fleets on the north coast.   Harbor amenities include numerous restaurants, shops and water sports rentals.

101 Citizen's Dock Road
Crescent City, CA

Kidtown is a terrific playground located in Beach Front Park by the ocean on the south end of Crescent City.  Among the huge structures are a pirate ship, a castle, and a pretend town complete with a general store and school.  There are also swings, slides, picnic tables and lots and lots of room to run.    Restrooms available.     From Kamp Klamath, head north on Hwy 101 to Crescent City.  Take ...

Comfort Cab Co.                                                              707-218-7979
Del Norte Taxi       ...
Coast True Value  900 Northcrest Dr. Crescent City                   707-464-4724
Englund Marine Supply  201 Citizens Dock Road Crescent City       707-464-3230
WalMart 900 East Washington Blvd  Crescent City                  ...
Home Depot  520 Hwy 101 N.  Crescent City                        707-464-9463
Coast True Value  900 Northcrest Dr. Crescent City                707-464-4724
Crescent Ace Hardware/Radio Shack 840 E. Washington CC    &nb...

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