Just down the road and up the mountain a bit from Kamp Klamath, in Klamath, California is one of the most beautiful, secluded and unknown picnic areas that I've ever seen.  No RV's or trailers allowed past the turn off  point on Beach Road because the road turns into gravel, is narrow and has a 10% down hill grade.  You can walk down, or it's easy to take your tow vehicle.  We made the ride in our Roadtrek no problem.  There is a nice parking lot with restrooms.  The tables were clean and the grass was manicured...and we were the only one's there! 

The site might not be perfect for little kids because there is a steep drop from the cliff overlooking the ocean.  There is a little wooden fence, but you don't want your little ones anywhere close to that.   I can see some more adventurous teens trying to make their way to the ocean, but it's a lot steeper, and a lot further down than it looks and I'd just keep any kids away from the edge.
This is the incredible view as you look south.   Usually you can watch sea lions there, except the salmon are just coming into the river right now, so most of the sea lions are down the coast a bit where the river meets the ocean waiting for dinner!

Here's a little bit of Northern California history.  Back in WWII, the military set up a submarine radar station to make sure the coast was safe from Japanese invasion.  They built the sub station right near this spot to look like an old farm house, so as not to raise suspicion...and it's still there today.

This is a great place to linger and enjoy some smoked salmon with cream cheese and crackers.  Yet on top of this mountain, silent, deep in the old growth redwoods, with a majestic ocean view, are three bins... one for trash, one for plastic and one for cans... Yay for California... 
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