We love dogs!

Kamp Klamath is a perfect place for dogs!  There's lots of woods and a big meadow to explore.  A river and an ocean to jump into. Beaches to run on.  Most importantly, since almost everyone who visits has a dog, you're among dog loving people.    In fact, our dogs are good will ambassadors and lead us to making acquaintances and finding new friends.  

There are times however, when you need to take your pet to a vet while you're on the road.

Here in Crescent City, CA., in our opinion, the place to go is "All Creatures" run by
Dr. Dennis Wood

All Creatures Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic

1380 Northcrest Dr

Crescent City, CA 95531

Call: 707-464-7448

Take Hwy 101 North to Crescent City.  Take a left on Northcrest Drive. (You'll see Home Depot on the right)  Go 1/4 mile.  It's on your left. 


Other vets in the area, also in Crescent City, Ca.:

Crescent Animal Medical Center

1590 Northcrest Dr

Crescent City, CA 95531

Call: 707-464-8321

Four Paws Pet Hospital

144 W Washington Blvd

Crescent City, CA 95531

Call: 707-465-5993

Crescent Small Animal Hospital

4240 Kings Valley Rd.

Crescent City, CA 95531

Call: 707-464-7998

Here's our experience with Dr. Wood at "All Creatures"

We have a 13 year old Golden Retriever named Easter.  He's a big guy weighing over 100 pounds with paws to match.  He also has a habit of creating and licking/chewing hot spots.  While we have been able to manage them in the past to where they totally healed, this time around Easter was particularly aggressive in licking the top of his paw.  We checked for foxtails etc, put the usual bitter tasting spray on it but to no avail.  

We had just finished a smell-a-thon (a walk)  with a stop for breakfast, when we noticed blood coming from his paw.  He had either chewed or snagged it and torn out his middle claw.  In doing so, it tore an artery and we couldn't get the bleeding to stop.   Aaron Funk, owner of Kamp Klamath suggested Dr. Wood, so off we went. 

A still bleeding Easter was let in through glass french doors to a bright room that was located right by the parking lot.  A nurse came in and put all his information in the computer and Dr. Wood came in and examined him.   With our permission, he put Easter under, cauterized his wound, and bandaged him.  He also gave Easter a laser treatment to help reduce the itching and inflammation of his hot spot.  Easter was given a spray that would promote healing and taste bad so Easter wouldn't lick the medicine or any healing away.  And yes...we got a cone!   Easter hates it, but is resigned to the fact he will have to wear it for a couple of days.   He will be getting another laser treatment and a comfy cone Friday that is less irritating.

One of the things I really liked and have never received before, was a report on the examination Easter was just given.  It lists the complaints, the fixes, whether they heard any heart or breathing problems, the condition of his teeth,  a check of his thyroid, nose and throat, his lungs, muscles and eyes as well as his vital signs.

Amy and Kim were at the front desk the day we came in and were happy to help answer any of our questions. 

The office is open and spacious with high ceilings.  There are four exam rooms an accessible restroom for humans, speciallized dog, cat and bird food, toys and other items displayed around the space.   The best thing about it is there is no overt animal smell.   It's fresh and lots of seating for waiting patients.

Easter back at Kamp Klamath taking it easy.  I put a sock and a plastic bag on his foot to keep the wetness away from the bandage.  
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