Despite being so far into the Redwoods and off Highway 101, connections to the Internet are still available at Kamp Klamath.  Free wi-fi at Kamp Klamath itself is available via satellite and wi-fi connections throughout the park.  Also, what might surprise you is the excellent bandwidth coming from Verizon Wireless for you 3G smartphone and Netcard users.  Verizon's cell phone service is also good here.  As for the other services like Sprint, AT&T and others, we haven't done any tests ourselves, but, understand from other RVers that they're nowhere near as good as Verizon Wireless.

For even faster wi-fi or when you are on the road, Pey Mey has free excellent you can sit on one of the outside tables or in your RV and connect there. Up the road, Woodlands also has free wi-fi for travelers.  If you are in Crescent City, McDonald's has free's strange as it works really well in front of the fast food restaurant, but, not so good on the sides.  Also, Jack in the Box had good wi-fi and Starbucks is the fastest of all.  Those are the five places we found in the area.  All are free, and apparently, are available 24 hours, according to what we were told, but, we have tested out 3am as yet...and, hope we don't have to.  All five places are on 101...Pey Mey is closest to Kamp Klamath.  In the meantime, wi-fi is very important to the people at Kamp Klamath and they're intent on giving you the best service they can get from available providers.
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