Wing Wah Chinese  383 "M" Street, Crescent City,  707-465-3935
The best place to get a good meal at a very reasonable price is Wing Wah chinese restaurant in Crescent City.   Service is good and fast!  The food is really, really, good and we tried a lot of it.  Everything was delicious and there's lots of it!   The best deals are the combination plates.  Mine had a huge plate of Lemon chicken, BBQ pork, egg roll  and pork fried rice for $8.95.   Hamilton had Cashewnut chicken, pork fried rice, deep fried prawns and mar far chicken for $9.95.   All combination plates also come with soup and tea. (Unless you have a to-go order)  There are family dinners and lunch specials along with their large selection of entrees.  They also serve beer and wine along with the usual soda selection.

Wing Wah is located at 383 "M" Street right off of Hwy 101 N. right next to Safeway on the right hand side of the highway in Crescent City.

Fast Food
As far as fast food is concerned, you'lll find them all pretty much along Hwy 101 N. once you get to Crescent City.   They are all pretty much close to each other and easy to spot.  They have a McDonalds, Taco Bell, Jack In The Box, Burger King, and two places for Subway Sandwiches.  One is on Hwy 101 just as you are entering Crescent City going north and the other is right next to the Payless Shoe store over by Home Depot, again, off Highway 101.

Good Harvest Cafe & Lounge  575 Hwy 101 S. Crescent City      707-465-6028
They feature fresh local seafood and vegetarian meals.  Upscale pricing and always busy.  People really like it.   Limited parking, no RV parking.   Lounge upstairs.  They have a cool poster that shows the Crescent City harbor before and after the Tsunami that was generated by the major Japanese earthquake on March 11th.

Denny's  1225 5th Street, Crescent City  707-464-2656
You always know what to expect at Denny's and this location is no different.  Good food and reasonable prices. 

In Klamath are a couple sweet little places....

Klamath River Cafe - 164 Klamath Blvd.  707-482-1000
We really like the burger and fresh skin on french fries at Klamath River Cafe.  It's a comfy place with a salad bar and several different kinds of seating.  There are regular tables, counter seating and then there's a dining room table next to the window with lamps and such that make you feel like you're in someone's home.  Very relaxing.  The walls are adorned with carved redwood pieces that you can buy.   The menu is somewhat limited, but what they serve is really good.  Homemade pies are available for desserts.

"The Club" 156 Klamath Blvd.  Klamath  707-482-3275
Burgers and fries!  The juiciest burgers ever with all the fixin's.  Kenneth is waiting for you at the end of the bar.  Tell him RV Dream and the crew from Kamp Klamath sent you...

Log Cabin Diner - breakfast and lunch    301 Highway 169.    707-482-0400
Good breakfast.  The eggs benedict was very good.  Lunch is simple fare, burgers and such. 

Steelhead Lodge & Lounge  330 Terwer Riffle Rd, Klamath    707-482-8145
Reservations are expected at this restaurant but even if you don't have a meal, you must have a drink at the lounge.  Their margaritas are famous in the area and the decor in the bar are a must see.  The whole tile floor is a mosiac of trees and fish, wood sculptures on the walls depict what the area is known for...salmon!  A giant moose head hangs at the entrance to the dining room.   Hanging hats are the thing over the bar and there are all kinds of them.  Got a unique hat?   Show it off and hang it at the bar. 

Dinner has upscale prices.  I liked the family style salad bowl and the warm rolls.   My virgin bloody mary was just yummy.   All the ribs, chicken and steaks are BBQ'd on a grill outside and are cooked to order.  Dessert is vanilla or chocolate ice cream. 

Forest Cafe      5499 Hwy 101    Klamath               707-482-5585
This cafe is directly across the road from one of our favorite places, "Trees of Mystery".  The restaurant is set up to make you feel like you are eating under the ocean or river.  There's a big mural of swimming fish and on the ceiling, in order to continue the feel of dining underwater, are the undersides of'll see the bottom half of their bodies and their orange feet dangling from the ceiling.   And as you'll find around any river, there's also a big black bear standing on his hind feet greeting you at the door.   Unfortunately, we didn't have time for a meal here but the menu looked pretty comparable to other cafes in the area. 

Pem-Mey  125 Ehlers Way, Klamath   (707) 482-3510
Besides gas and a convenience store, they also have a kitchen were you can get quick mexican food and deep fried chicken.   I've had selections from both menus and they were really good and fresh.    Daily fresh rolls and donuts.   Drive through coffee and espresso hut.

Those are the places we've been to.  Now here is a list of restaurants we didn't make it too....yet!

Historic Requa Inn  451 Requa Road  707-482-1425
Besides breakfast for their guests, the Requa Inn opens their cozy dining room to visitors 6pm-7:30pm Tuesdays thru Saturdays all year round.  Chefs Thomas Worgman and Paul Hess provide several delicious starters, entrees and desserts based on the fresh and seasonal foods available locally.   The Inn serves specialty wines but you are able to bring your own beer or wine as well to have with your dinner.  Seating is limited, so you may want to make reservations, but if you want to stop by and see if they have an empty table, feel free to do so.  Located across the river from Kamp Klamath, all you do is go north on 101 and take a left on Requa Road.  Follow that less than 2 miles until you see the Inn on your right.

Harbor View Grotto & Lounge  150 Starfish Way, Crescent City        707-464-3815
CC's Diner & Ice Cream  1319 Northcrest Dr. Crescent City             707-465-5858
Torero's Mexican Restaurant  400 Hwy 101 N.                             707-464-5712
Thai House 105 N Street                                                          707-464-2427
Tea Garden Cafe 632 M Street Hwy 101 North                             707-465-8388
Red's Diner 530 L Street Hwy 101 South                                      707-464-7337
Chartroom & Lounge  130 Anchor Way                                        707-464-5993
Beachcomber 1400 Hwy 101 South                                             707-464-2205
Northwoods Restaurant & Lounge  675 Hwy 101 South                   707-465-5656
Papa Murphy's Take 'n Bake Pizza 617 M  Street                           707-465-4096
Pizza King & Lounge 1348 Front Street                                         707-464-4890

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