Safeway Food and Drug - 475 M Street Crescent City                  707-465-3533
Ray's Food Place - 625 M Street  Crescent City                           707-465-4045
Shop Smart Food Warehouse - 953 Northcrest Dr. Crescent City    707-464-8489
Woodland Villa Market - 15870 Hwy 101 So.  Klamath                  707-482-2081
Grocery Outlet - 1124 Third Street  Crescent City                        707-464-3131
Pem Mey - 125 Ehlers Way  Klamath                                        707-482-3510
Walmart - 900 East Washington Blvd  Crescent City                     707-464-1198

I shopped mainly Walmart for most of my dry good groceries.  While they had only a small refrigerator aisle and a small frozen foods aisle, as of September 2011, they were breaking ground to build an entire grocery section with produce, meats and fish etc.

We then used  Safeway and Ray's, which are right next to each other off Hwy 101 North as you are coming into town, to fill in with the fresh stuff.   I love the tri-tip rolls at Rays...  They also carry fine meats.  Safeway is the usual store pretty much the same as any other regular Safeway.

Pem Mey, right in Klamath, is a gas station/propane/convenience store.  They also have a mexican fast food place and a fried chicken place inside.  Some donuts and sweet rolls are available early in the day.   Pem Mey also has slot machines!

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