Visiting Kamp Klamath?  Try crabbing in Crescent City, CA

How about some free food!    If you're tired of paying way too much for half a crab in a highly average restaurant, why not just go get your own fresh Dungeness crab right out of the ocean? 

From Kamp Klamath, in Klamath, California, it's a beautiful 20 mile drive by the ocean and through the redwoods to Crescent City.  On our way to visit the lighthouse, ...
This working commercial harbor and sports basin is one of the busiest in the nation for tonnage of seafood landed.  It ranks 3rd on the west coast (outside of Alaska) for amount of Dungeness crab caught and is home to one of the largest fishing fleets on the north coast.   Harbor amenities include numerous restaurants, shops and water sports rentals.

101 Citizen's Dock Road
Crescent City, CA
Coast True Value  900 Northcrest Dr. Crescent City                   707-464-4724
Englund Marine Supply  201 Citizens Dock Road Crescent City       707-464-3230
WalMart 900 East Washington Blvd  Crescent City                  ...
The Klamath is one of the most important rivers for fish migration on the west coast of North America south of the Columbia River.  The river is considered a prime habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.

Beginning in late summer, great migrations of King Salmon (Chinook) make their way up the Klamath River back to their place of origin to lay their own eggs to complete the circle of life.    (Prime Fishing August to Oc...<...>