Whales Visit Kamp Klamath!

by Pamela Hamilton on 06/28/2011, 03:44 PM

Tags: baby , kamp klamath , whales , klamath river , calf , gray whale

You just never know what the day is going to bring!

Kamp Klamath this morning is all abuzz with the news that a gray whale and her young calf have taken a detour from the ocean and come just a mile or two up the Klamath River!    It's only the fifth time in recent history that a whale has come up the river.     People came from out of the woods, literally, to watch and talk in hushed tones in the pouring rain.   Such fascination we have for these creatures.  Everyone was worried if the two were ok and if they would make it back to the ocean.  Dennis Wood, who founded the Marine Mammal Center up in Crescent City says that all five whales that have journeyed up the Klamath have found their way back to the ocean without human intervention. 

The mother is staying pretty much in about a one half mile area of the river and if you were patient, you saw the baby playing, rolling and flipping about.    Since gray whales are baleen
whales, it's not surprising that she's here in the nutrient rich Klamath River. 

Also a pod of whales lives nearly year round at the mouth of river where the Klamath meets the ocean and on most days, you can spot one.   But this was so much more exciting because the whale was right there...

The average gray whale is 52 feet and weighs about 36 tons.   This mother looked to be about 40 feet long and covered in barnacles.  Baby was about 15 feet long.  Gray whales live to be 50-70 years old.