Exploring the Monterey Bay
Coastal Bike Trail

The Monterey Bay Coastal Bike Trail is some 29 miles long stretching from Castroville to the Monterey Peninsula and parts of Pebble Beach. A large portion of the trail is actual bike path while some portions are still shoulder of the road riding. Well maintained and used by both joggers, skaters, walkers and cyclists.

This is a great walking, running, biking whatever trail that mostly runs along the cliffs of the Monterey Bay.  The trail runs from Marina, CA to Pacific Grove, CA cutting through the cities of Seaside and Monterey.

From Laguna Seca Recreation Area, take a right on Highway 68.    Take a right on Canyon Del Rey Blvd. and follow it straight until you come to the ocean.   There is parking at the Marina Dunes State Park right by the Marina Dunes Hotel.    You can easily catch the path there and it will lead you into Monterey and beyond!

Ralph T. from Nevada on Yelp:

The trail North of Seaside is remote.  It is not well used but offers great views of the dunes and the bay.  You wander through the old Fort Ord and can see where the old ranges are, the ammo storage areas (which you can walk in) and overall see how mother nature is reclaiming what man built.

Towards and through Monterey, it gets busier but is oh so beautiful.  You wander along the ocean, by the harbor, watch the harbor seals and the boats bobbing around in the water. You come by the wharf and then above Cannery Row.

After leaving the aquarium you can follow the trail to Pacific Grove. Where you will be overlooking the bay all the way to Lovers Point.

The trail stops here, but you can keep going to Pebble Beach via dirt trails and walking along the side of the roadway.

From Wharf 2, the commercial wharf, to Lovers Point is about 2.6 miles one way.  

There are places to stop and eat, rent bikes etc.

The only drawback is in some areas you are crossing several streets so if you are with little kids just make them aware of the traffic.  You tourists don't always pay attention when you are driving.

During the day this trail is completely safe. At night you need to be aware of your surroundings but I feel it is still safe as-long-as you are in the populated area between fisherman's wharf and the aquarium.

You have to do this when you come to Monterey for your visit.

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