50 Fisherman's Wharf #1

Monterey, CA

(831) 372-3655


Mon – Fri 11:00am – 2:30pm & 4:30pm – closing

Sat-Sun 11:00am – closing


Domenico's is located on the Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, Ca. This restaurant has quickly become one of my absolute favorites. It is a seafood restaurant with excellent fresh fish and wonderful views of the bay. Last time I dined here we had a front row seat to dozens of sea lions who could not help but play. We were also greeted by a gigantic pelican and got to watch several boats go by.



While the view may be incredible, so is the food!  For starters we were served warm fresh bread with garlic butter! Come on you know when the bread is impressive it's going to be a great meal. For an appetizer we had the Oysters Rockefeller. I order this everytime we go. For those of you that haven't had Oysters Rockefeller before it is a warmed oyster served with spinach and bacon and topped with hollandaise sauce. Absolutely amazing. Not to mention the presentation was beautiful, as it was served in a silver dish over hot rock salt. 


One of their other signature dishes is their "tower" which  is shrimp and crab meat topped with avocado and fresh mango in a tower! Just like the name says.  I didn't want to destroy it. But I did!   They also have great pasta. Their smoked salmon ravioli is so yummy. If you order this make sure to save some of your warm bread to dip in the rose sauce. 
What I like most about Domenico's is their customer service. I promise you will never have an empty glass of water or find yourself desperately trying to find your waiter. Here at Domenico's you are treated like a guest- and this is something that is very important to the owner, Domenic. 

For a fun side note- Domenico's gets their fresh Alaskan King Crab right off of the boat from "Deadliest Catch". Yes! The TV show! You may be lucky and come in on a night when the guys on the boat are visiting with a new supply of crab. I've heard it can be a real fun party! For those of you that are fans of the show they even have their merchandise right in the store to buy. I know I love my "Time Bandit" hat.  

Again their desserts (I told you, my favorite part) are excellent. They have a lot to choose from. Care for a Cannoli? You've got it! Totally down for Tiramasu? My favorite. Must have some Mousse? Even better! 

Domenico's also has a full sized bar. Being run by an Italian family, Domenico's likes to end the meal right. Limoncello is an alcoholic drink that is meant to cleanse the palate and settle your digestive system. They make their own right there in the restaurant. It is strong however, so make sure you only have a small taste or call a cab.

The Old Fisherman's Wharf gets a bad reputation for being over priced, tourist trap with bad food. However, this is NOT true at Domenico's. 


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