700 Cannery Row
(walking distance from the Aquarium)
Monterey, CA 93940


I have lived in Monterey my entire life and usually avoided the restaurants down on Cannery Row. In past times I was disappointed to find my wallet empty and my taste greatly unsatisfied at the end of the meal. However, I was recently invited to the Fish Hopper on Cannery Row. This restaurant is sister to one of my favorites on Old Fisherman's Wharf called "Fishermans Grotto".

What makes the Fish Hopper unique is that it has one of the greatest ocean views! The restaurant itself is on stilts so it is actually sitting IN the water. Can't get much more of a view than that, can you? 

We were seated near the back end of the restaurant and  had windows on all sides of us. A 360 water view! Near our table was also  an indoor fire pit which kept the room comfortable and added a nice ambiance. The view was spectacular. We were so excited when we saw a pod of dolphins. I couldn't help but leap out of my chair to stand up get a closer look.  

We started the night with one of the Fish Hopper's signature drinks, "The Bucket of Fire". Now although this drink is clearly meant for two, my boyfriend decided to take it on all by himself. This fruity drink is given an extra punch as the waiter lights it on fire! Yes...on FIRE!!  I am not much of a drinker but I couldn't resist giving it a taste. One sip was enough for me, and needless to say I was the one driving home.   There's also a Bloody Marydrink with shrimp!

Every restaurant in Monterey has clam chowder on the menu, and every restaurant is going to try to get you to taste it! Each one will have a sample of their clam chowder outside their door, claiming it's the best. However, my boyfriend, Bernie, and I both agree that Fish Hopper has the best clam chowder! It was the only time we have never had to add any extra salt or pepper. Not to mention it is full of hearty clams! Plus a little extra touch, the bread that was served with it is shaped like a seashell. It was so cute and gave the meal a little something unique.

Fish Hopper has great entrees also. I ordered the Peppered rib eye with Coconut Prawns (Yum!) and Bernie had the Prime Rib and Scampi. Both were so tender and my coconut prawns were huge! They were loaded with flakes of real coconut and had a great crunch.  Once we received our food all talking stopped and was replaced with sounds of "mmmm" and "ahhh"  
We were stuffed by the end of the meal- but my sugar brain would not let me pass up dessert (like usual) and this was made even more difficult to resist when the waiter brought out the dessert tray and placed it on the table. My eyes lit up and when I finally realized that no, that was not all for me to eat and I could only select ONE I decided on the 5 layer chocolate cake. 

This 5 layer chocolate cake is complete with layers of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and topped with a thick chocolate ganache. Did I mention this cake is chocolatety??  It was so rich I could not finish it but it tasted amazing. I have not been able to find a cake like this anywhere else. The presentation was also beautiful with  the plate drizzled with chocolate sauce, strawberries and cinnamon.

The Fish Hopper truly has become one of my very favorite restaurants on the Monterey Peninsula.  I can't wait to go back!   What a great evening we had.
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