Fort Ord National Monument

Laguna Seca RV Park backs up to the Mazda Speedway on one side and the Fort Ord National Monument on another, making this park perfect for outdoor activities.

Home to 35 species of rare flora & fauna, this undeveloped 14,658 acres of wildland offers over 80 miles of trails for hiking, biking, taking wildlife photos, riding your horse or walking your dog. (leash required).

You may catch a glimpse of a badger, mountain lion, or golden eagle!  You may also see black-tailed deer, turkeys, bobcats, coyotes, gopher snakes, red tailed hawks, Canada geese, coast horned lizards, or California quail.

Fort Ord is a former United States Army post on Monterey Bay of the Pacific Ocean coast in California, which closed in 1994.   When Fort Ord was converted to civilian use, space was set aside for the first nature reserve in the United States created for conservation of an insect!  It was the Smith's blue butterfly that caused the set aside.  Other endangered species are found on Fort Ord including; Contra Costa goldfields and the threatened California Tiger Salamander.   


Junior Explorer Field Guide

Interactive Map with Trails

Be aware mountain lions are present. It is important to keep children and small animals within sight. If you come in contact with a mountain lion, do not run. Try to appear as large and loud as possible -- raise your hands. Pick up small children and avoid bending over or crouching. Fight back if attacked. Report any mountain lion sightings to the California Department of Fish and Game 24-hours a day at (916) 445-0045 or (831) 848-2576.
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