Tuesdays: 4pm-7pm

One of the "must do" things when you visit the RV Park at Laguna Seca Recreation Area, is to go to Monterey's Tuesday Night Farmer's Market.     Three blocks of Downtown Monterey's Alverado street are closed to host a myriad of booths.    Besides all the fresh fruit and vegetables, you'll find jewelry, specialty caramel apples, t-shirts, dried fruits, exotic birds and entertainment.   There are also a host of booths selling ready to eat food. 

Insider's favs:
The caramel apples are to die for...
The Indian food booth located at the ocean end of Alvarado is the absolute best place to eat.  Delicious and reasonably priced. 

All the stores and restaurants on Alverado are also open.   There are several cafes with outdoor seating, perfect for people watching,   You'll also find a music store, florist, Walgreens, hair/nail salons and several boutiques.

While you are there, check out Rosine's Restaurant if you're looking for a good meal.   The "big cake" dessert case is something you won't want to miss.  (Personal opinion...besides I love their cakes...)

from the RV Park at Laguna Seca Recreation Area:
Take a right onto Highway 68 as you exit the recreation area and head west for 7 miles.
Take a right on 218 and travel approximately 3 miles.  
Take a left onto Del Monte Avenue. (There will be a Starbucks and a Embassy Suites Hotel at the intersection)
Follow Del Monte for approximately 2 miles.
Stay in the left lane and take the exit for Downtown Monterey
Take a left at the next street...parking will be immediately on the right.
(First hour of parking is free for Farmer's Market shopping)

Listing of other Farmer's Markets in the area.
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