Whether you are looking for some fresh vegetables for dinner, wonder how a farm really works or just want something to do, please visit or take a tour of "The Farm", home of the giant farmers!

This working farm offers organic produce daily.  They also have a great gift shop, host special events and offer several different kinds of tours based on your interest. 

"The Farm" is open Monday-Saturday, may through December, depending on the harvest.   Take a tour or just pick up a pumpkin or some seasonal vegetables.

The giant sculptures pictured above are by artist, John Cerney, and may be seen not only on the farm, but around Salinas in general.  The scenes are a tribute to the hard workers of the Salinas Valley who help produce the food that feeds the entire country.

Whether you're a kid or a grown up, you will enjoy the stories told by the guides and discover how farmers grow organic vegetables.  It's an inspiring story and one you may want to re-create in your own backyard.

It's so easy to get to "The Farm" from the RV Park in the Laguna Seca Recreation Center.  Simply take a left onto Highway 68 as you exit the park.   Follow the highway approximately 7 miles until you see the "Spreckles" exit.   Take a left at the stop sign and go under the bridge.  You'll see a giant farmer sculpture holding heads of lettuce.  Take a right and proceed down the driveway to the farm.  

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Calendar of Special Events at The Farm:

Our Video tour of The Farm

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