If you decide you want to take in a movie while you at staying at the RV park at Laguna Seca Recreation Area, we have a couple of options for you, where you want to go out or bring a movie home. 


1. Del Monte Shopping Center (Monterey)
Take a right onto Highway 68 as you leave the RV park at Laguna Seca Recreation Area.   Follow approximately 6 miles to Highway 1 South.   Take the Munrus exit about 1.5 miles.  At the light take a right and enter the Del Monte Shopping Center.  The Theater is located at the back of the center.

15 minutes in non-peak traffic hours.

See what's playing:

2. The Dunes on Monterey Bay (Marina)
(831) 384-1002

This is the newest and most advanced theater in the area featuring plush stadium seating, extreme digital and 3D floor to ceiling, wall to wall screens. 

Take a right as you exit the RV park at LSRA.   Follow highway 68 until you see signs to veer right to catch Highway 1 going north.  Travel five miles and take the Imjim exit.  At the light, take a right and go approximately three blocks.  The theater will be on your right in the Dunes Shopping Area back by Best Buy and Kohls.

20 minutes in non-peak traffic hours.

See what's playing:

For both theaters listed above:
Monday is Seniors Day...all tickets $6.25 all day.
First Daily Matinee before noon pricing: $6.75


For those of you who travel with a CD player in your rig, there is easy access to a couple of Redbox locations.

1. 7-11
This Redbox is located outside at the 7-11 on the corner of Highway 68 and Highway 218.  Simply take a right onto Highway 68 and travel four miles.  You will see the plaza on your right as you cross the intersection of Highway 218.  Take a right into the entrance.  The 7-11 will be ahead of you behind "Jack In The Box".

2. Safeway Grocery Store
This Redbox is located inside the store. Safeway is located at the corner of Highway 218 and Fremont Ave.   Take a right onto Highway 68 and travel 4 miles to take a right onto Highway 218.   Travel about two miles.  Safeway will be on your left.
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