It was a gorgeous three day weekend for the many RVers and campers at the RV Park in Laguna Seca Recreation Area.  Between Valentine's Day, The AT&T and President's Day, the park was full!   Families were outside playing games, BBQing and just enjoying being together.   The sunsets were beautiful and the evening temperatures were perfect and quiet under a star laden sky.   

We met a group of five families from the Fresno area who invited us to a wonderful dinner of salmon and chicken.   The men had gotten together and were treating their valentines to a wonderful dinner where they did the shopping, the cooking and the clean up!   I was surprised that all the kids in the families made the trip...teens and all!   The kids said they really like to go RVing and wouldn't miss a trip like this! 

The Laguna Seca RV Park is so beautiful and even when the park is full, you still feel private and that you're communing with nature. 

The Laguna Seca RV Park is so close to everything you could want to do....Monterey, Carmel, wine tours, the zoo, hiking, biking, 17 Mile drive, Steinbeck Country...not to mention all the beaches!   Or you can hang out on your picnic table, play games or just talk and relax.

The MetLife Blimp passes over the Laguna Seca Raceway as the AT&T event ends and heads for home...

Be sure to think of the RV Park at the Laguna Seca Recreation Area next time you decide to go RVing!

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