The Monterey County Agricultural & Rural Life Museum (MCARLM)  in the San Lorenzo Regional RV Park tells the story of the history of life and agriculture in the Salinas Valley from the time of the Ohlone Indians to today.     I was surprised by how well done the museum is! The barn where the museum is located is light, colorful and full of antiquities from several eras of life and farming in the valley.  

Today, the Salinas Valley is California's most productive agricultural region and is known as the "Salad Bowl of the World" for its abundant crops of strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach  broccoli, cauliflower, celery and wine grapes.

The Salinas River runs through the 90 mile long valley, and is bordered by the Gabilan (east) and Santa Lucia (west) mountain ranges,  In Spanish salina is the term for a salt marsh, salt lake, or salt pan.

The "Barn" is just one of the buildings in the historical complex in the park.  You will also find the highly acclaimed Irrigation History Museum, the La Gloria school house, the King City Railroad with train car and a Spreckles Sugar Company foreman house.  Each has been refurbished, furnished to the era and are open to campers and day visitors alike.
It is really amazing how the community has pulled together to preserve the heritage of the area. .

Slide show of the museum complex:
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For more information about the park, check out our story about the RV Park area here:

Turn left onto Highway 68 as you exit the RV Park at Laguna Seca Recreation Area
Go six miles to the Spreckles exit
At the stop sign, take a right and follow the road around and thru the fields until you come to a stop light.  
Take a right and that will take you directly to 101 south.
Drive 40 minutes to the Broadway exit in King City.
Take a right.
At the stop light, take a left and you will be at the entrance of San Lorenzo Regional Park
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