It might not seem like it, but the Monterey Peninsula is just a series of wonderful, but small towns.  How small town is it?  The lead story this week on every TV newscast and newspaper article this week, was an event that got almost as much coverage than the Concours 'd Elegance or the AT&T Pebble Beach Tournament.   The popular fast food joint, "In-N-Out" was going to open its doors for the first time on the peninsula!

As of March 22, 2016, no longer do residents have to make the trek to Salinas to fulfill their Double Double with a side of animal fries cravings.    The story was on every broadcast of the local tv news days before it opened, with the big question being, "Will In-N-Out really be opening tomorrow?  Head of the company says yes, at 10am, but employees say sometime this week!"  People went crazy!

Extra staff was brought in and  two Seaside police units were on hand to deal with what was sure to be a major traffic crush.   Indeed, thousands of cars filled with "In-N-Out" lovers passed through the drive thru window in just the first two days.  

However, because of the extreme careful planning, the opening was a huge success.   While traffic was backed up for a quarter mile at times, it moved along with most people having to only wait a half hour or so for their burgers.   The best part was that everyone was in a good mood.  It was a simply beautiful day.  

Outside staff took orders by going to car to car while inside staff hustled their tails off in the kitchen.  The guy who took our money at the window was smiling and laughing, saying they were having the time of their lives.

Those who know me, know how much I love dogs.   Caught this cutie waiting patiently in the back seat of his car.  No doubt he can handle a double-double!

The new In-N-Out is located at 1350 Del Monte Blvd. in Seaside
Harry and Esther Styles started the business in 1948.  Currently, there are more than 300 locations with over 18,000 workers though out California and the Southwest.

FYI: The restaurant backs up to the Laguna Grande Lake and park.   There's a great walking path that takes you quickly around the small lake where you will find shade and picnic tables in case you don't want to eat inside or on their umbrella tables.  No dogs are allowed off the trail and in the actual park. 

Easy 15 min. drive
Take a right onto Highway 68 as you exit the rv park at Laguna Seca Recreation Area
Follow 4 miles to 218 and take a right
Travel approximately 3 miles to Del Monte Ave and take a left.
In-N-Out will be on you left in approx 2 blocks
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