One of the major pastimes of both visitors and locals alike in Monterey County is just getting in the car and taking a drive... There are some extraordinary places to see including one that begins right outside the door at Laguna Seca RV Park... Scenic Highway 68 which was part of the original Anza Highway created in 1774 will lead you to River Road just 5 minutes away... River Road is also part of that historic Highway and the views as you travel South are fantastic...

This is the River Road Winery tour... Monterey County has become one of the highest rated wine destinations in the world with almost 100 different wineries in central California... Many of them are down River Road and especially on weekends you can stop and do some wine tasting... The first Winery you will come to on your left is Odonata

Stay on River Road as you go south and you will eventually run into Talbot... Wine tasting on Saturday…

Next up is Pessagno with wine tasting every day….

You can continue down River Road with winery after winery all the way to

just north of King City….When you decide you want to return home it’s an easy cut over to Highway 101 where it is less than an hours drive back home…

An even better way to do the trip is one of the wonderful wine tours with experts to have everything set for you and make sure you get the best experience possible for your tour down River Road.Sammy at "Monterey Guided Wine Tours" comes highly recommended but they’re all excellent. Or, if you just want the drive and don’t care that much about the wineries River Road is an easy to get to and wonderful experience you don’t want to miss..

River Road Wine Tour


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