It's Tuesday, April 12th and the Sea Otter Classic is about to begin in just two days!  Some early birds have checked into the RV Park and are riding up and down the steep hills practicing, while hundreds of vendors are setting up their tents around the lake.  

Several dirt tracks are being built and test runs are being done on the downhill track to make sure every turn is perfect.

So THAT's how these tracks are built!

According to creator and organizer, Frank Yohannan, over 70,000 people are expected to attend the event as either athletes or spectators.  The event is open to the public to watch the events or to check out the festival to catch up on latest gear and information in the world of cycling. 

We will be bringing you interviews with participants and those who support them, the kids participating and lots of info about the vendors and how their products could help you enjoy your favorite sport even more.

Our first vendor interview is with WD-40 Bike!   As RVer's I don't think there is anyone out there that doesn't carry a can of WD-40 with them...seems that stuff can unstick anything!   Now the company has a new line of WD-40 products that have been developed for the whole bicycle, to provide superior cleaning, lubrication and protection.   They will offer free professional bike wash & lube service at this year's Sea Otter Classic at the Bike Wash Station.  Find them at sites 772-776.

Check back here often for more exciting photos and interviews.

Here is a special interview we did with Sea Otter founder and CEO Frank Yohannan

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