The Sea Otter Classic, North America's largest gathering of bicycle enthusiasts is underway! Under blue skies and cool temperatures, riders hit the trails and runs in an effort to sharpen their skills for the big races on Saturday and Sunday.

The RV Park at the Laguna Seca Recreation area is packed to the brim with RV and tent campers....each one with a handful of bicycles parked beside them. (As I  write this, I smell the wood burning fires and there's someone singing while playing an acoustic guitar.)

Hundreds of vendors are here, each having something to do with the sport of cycling.  From "compression wear" to keep the blood pumping through your legs, to shoes and clothing, to bike parts, and jewelry made from bike parts.  Cleaners, lubricants, helmets, bikes of every size and shape, to my favorite, a helmet mounted LED light system that shines as bright as a cars' headlights.

The festival is so very kid friendly with lots of specialty races, classes, a carnival, an egg hunt and bike/trike demos just for them.   I had a lot of fun today watching kids of all ages try their hand on the pump track.   No pedaling allowed, you must make your way around the track by using the bumps in the track and your body muscles.   I have to tell you, there is not a single overweight kid or adult here today...except me.   I felt naked without my bike!

Don't miss the fun.   The festival is open to all and runs through Sunday. Bring your bike!
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Here are some scenes from today's visit...

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