The RV Park at the Laguna Seca Recreation Area turned into a cyclists' heaven as over 70,000 people brought their tents, RV's and bicycles to the 26th Annual Sea Otter Classic.  

Hats off to founder and director of the Sea Otter Classic, Frank Yohannan for another impressive festival that appeared to go off without a hitch.     The staff was also courteous, directed traffic well so that cars and bikes never tangled and were ready with information for about any question you could ask.

Even though all the RV and Campsites were full, it was surprisingly easy getting in and out. Families from all over the country came to participate.   While parents were taking turns in the races, the families behind were busy at the event, cheering on their loved one or having fun riding their own bikes up and down in the RV area of Laguna Seca Recreation Area.    

With as many people who were here, it's amazing how quiet it remained. No loud noises, no alcohol laden parties....exhausted kids were in bed early after a camp fire and mom and dad where right behind them, resting up for the next day's event. 

For those of you who were grilling steaks at their campsite, I want to thank you for driving me crazy with the intoxicating smell!

Here's the view the family above had from their picnic table.  See them there by their rig?

Also thank you to all the participants, who left the RV and tent camping areas litter free!  I drove around all the park the morning after the event and was so surprised to see that you would not have known that thousands of people where there the night before.  

Two new races were introduced at the Sea Otter Classic this year and boy were they fun!

1. The first was a race for those who own Brompton folding bikes.  The race, which asked athletes to wear their Sunday lycra allowed.. had participants having to start the race by unfolding their bikes.  We saw men in suits and ties and women in fancy dresses.   The race was ten miles...or five laps around the famous Laguna Seca Raceway.

Learn more about Brompton folding bikes:

2. Electronic mountain bike racing also made its debut at the festival this year.   Race sponsors, Bosch and Haibike hosted the $5,000 industry challenge for e-bike industry members.  The winner, whoever completed the most laps in 60 minutes, won the money that would be donated to the charity of their choice.   Bosch and Haibike also offered complimentary test rides for festival goers who signed up at their booths.

Learn more about e-bikes:

Sea Otter Classic Race results can be found here:

If you missed the festival this year, mark your calendars for next April 20th-23rd for the 2017 Sea Otter Classic and know you and your family will have a great time.

Some photos from the weekend...

One of Sea Otter Classic's goals is to get young people started biking at an early age.   They also have a woman's outreach and a Veteran's program that helps returning injured vets get specialized bicycles so they can still participate in riding.

Another beautiful sunset ends Saturday's races and festival.

Tents all lined up facing the festival and race track.

Junior pump track for 12 and unders.  Saw many parents teaching their kids how to ride on bikes that were available at the venue.  Or you could bring your own.  Kids 12 and under are free to the festival.

Group of young riders heroically following their leader down a hillside as he gives them instructions.

Nice view of everything!

Dad is racing.  Mom and son had fun on the junior pump track.   They are all looking forward to returning next year.   When asked what kind of "machine" he was riding, this little one replied, "A blue one."

Riders got free t-shirts for participating.  There was also an egg hunt for 12 and unders.

Stunt, freestyle, and trials rider, Ryan Leech was on hand to answer questions and provide demonstrations three times daily.

Rider on the big pump track.

Over 800 vendors attended the Sea Otter Classic.   A lot of bike teams and their sponsors had booths and would give you riding advice, tune up your bike, sign autographs or even wash your bike for you!

The RV park at Laguna Seca Recreation Area is perfect for you and your family to enjoy.   Quiet, peaceful evenings, lots of places to ride your bike and hike. (over 80 miles of trails in adjacent Fort Ord alone)   Even now, some of the dirt bike trails that were used for Sea Otter are still here and you can ride them as well.   

The RV Park at Laguna Seca Recreation Area is in the middle of everything you could want for your trip to the Monterey Peninsula.   Ten minutes gets you to the Monterey and its beaches, the aquarium, Fisherman's Wharf, shopping, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and over 25 golf courses.  

Locals!  Don't forget that you can be a million miles away from anywhere in just ten minutes if you want to get away for the weekend. Nightly rates are only $35 and under, with two days free if you stay five.   So if you're looking for some family bonding time,  but only have a few days, come to Laguna Seca Recreation Area and enjoy the wooded outdoors!

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