Swingfest comes to the Monterey Peninsula

Besides all the wonderful attractions on the Monterey Peninsula that you can visit on any given day there are extra reasons to come to the area when special events occur. Every Martin Luther King jr. Weekend the West Coast Swing Fest comes to the Monterey Hyatt. Top dancers come from all over the world do this constantly growing event. They come to compete to learn to schmooze and most of all to dance. Even if you're not interested in participating in the dance itself you can come and watch and it's really fun. On the other hand if you are wanting to learn the West Coast Swing, they have free lessons almost every day of the four-day event.

The Hyatt is already sold out in case you are coming from out of the area but Saddle Mountain Ranch is only 15 minutes away and there are openings. You may enjoy getting away from the day's excitement to the peace and quiet of the mountains for a night.

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