With the weather so diverse on the Monterey Peninsula you can start off your trip on a completely sunny day and wind up in a cold, windy, foggy area.  It's always good to bring a jacket on your sight-seeing trip no matter the weather.  One of the great ways to keep track of the weather day is with the numerous live webcams in various local areas. We have some of them listed here

Pebble Beach Golf Course - This will give you the weather in Pebble Beach from different points of view.  The fog is nice but, it's always better to see everything on at least a partial sunny day.

Big Sur - There is no place like Napenthe restaurant on the coast and this view will tell you what the weather is like

Port of Monterey - From the top of the Portola Hotel

Monterey Acquarium Web Cams - 8 different live cams including sharks, sea otters, penguiin cam and a camera on the bay

Marine Bay National Marine Sanctuary - A good closeup of sea lions, otters and other wildlife along the Monterey bay.

Adventures by the Sea - Web Cam of the Monterey Bay

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