At least among the top 2 or 3 most popular activities for visitors to the Monterey Peninsula is whale watching.

Over 20,000 whales a year pass through Monterey Bay and with the resurgence of the population of whales, the events happen all year round.  It's become so popular in Monterey that this location is considered by many to be the #1 whale watching spot in the world.  Trips out in the bay last an average of 4 hours, and all of the tours are manned by knowledgeable and friendly marine biologists and guides.  Costs are in the 40 to 50 dollar range, with kids getting a big break in price.  Morning tours are longer and slightly more expensive, but, if you have a problem with sea-sickness, it's recommended because the seas are generally calmer in the morning.  Pretty much all of the tours take off from Fisherman's wharf.  Calling and getting a reservation is a must.

One element is very pervasive.  People LOVE these tours and very seldom come away fact, many are astounded at the views they get of the incredible sea creatures up close.  Along with views of the whales, there are many other animals and sea birds that are part of the trip as well.  

The Whale Watching tours at Fisherman's wharf in Monterey are less than a 20 minutes drive from Saddle Mountain Ranch. Even if you're moving your big RV there is parking nearby. And, once your exciting trip is over you will be happy to return to the peace and quiet of your home at Saddle Mountain Ranch.

We got to spend sometime with one of the more passionate and knowledgeable marine biologists, Katlyn Taylor, of Discovery whale watching.  

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Monterey Based Whale Watching Tours

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