Man, has my idea of quilting has changed!   Movies and books portray groups of women sitting in a circle, telling stories with the fabric squares they are creating.   And while that still goes on, my eyes were opened when I attended the annual Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild on Sunday, April 7th!

The first eye catcher for this annual fundraiser for the guild was parked outside.  It was a VW Bug totally covered in a quilt made specifically for the car.  If the sight of that didn't make you smile, maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day.

I walked in and was introduced to Quilt show coordinator, Katherine Walker, who filled me so much I didn't know.  Quilting has kept up with the technology!  Some of the quilts have designs that the artist created on a computer and then printed on fabric.  Others printed a photograph onto the fabric and created a quilt using that image.

Katherine says that a quilt is considered a quilt if it has three layers.  A top and bottom and batting material in the middle.

Each year, guild members are given a theme challenge to create an 18" X 18" square. This time, all the squares must contain circle.   Here are just a few of the quilted creations.

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