My son-in-law, Bernie, is selling his 65 Chevy Impala after working to restore it for 9 years.  If you want to instantly get all the details click here to go to his Craigslist ad.  And to immediately contact Bernie click here to send him an email.  Now, you might take this ad to sell the Impala as just another ad to sell a car.  But, as his father-in-law I wanted to chime in and let you know this is no ordinary sell of a beautiful classic car.  No, this is a big deal!  You see Bernie loves that car.  He has spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours adding to it, correcting it, shining it and honing it back to its 65 "newness."  He'll be the first to tell you that after 9 years it's still a "project" with much to be done. But, he'll also tell you that the engine, (which he believes is the original) and the transmission have always run great with no problems.  

As long as I've known Bernie, which is a decade now, he's always loved working on cars, particularly, classic cars.  It's been a hobby for him, he doesn't want to do it as a job.  But, as the "mechanic in the family" anything that goes wrong with anybody's car, gets the attention of Bernie.  And, he is amazing.  He has solved problems with my own cars that has pro mechanics on the Peninsula shaking their heads and sending it home with "that's a really big problem and the whole car will have to be taken apart at the dealer" comment.  Bernie has solved it.

So, when you buy the Impala, you're not only buying a car, but, you're getting a car from someone who has treated it with love....and a high level of expertise as well.  And, one of the things I admire about my son-in-law is his honesty. You'll notice in the Craigslist ad that he has spent a lot of time detailing things that still need to be done on the car.  I'm sure if that list wasn't there, the marketplace would be double for what he's asking now.

Okay, so why is he selling his beloved Impala and what makes this such a big deal?  Because, Bernie and my daughter have a new love, their first baby. And the Impala doesn't really match up with a baby seat and all the stuff that has to go with new baby.  So, they've got a new car to take care of my grandbaby.  And, for Bernie, it's a time of change....changing from changing oil and fluids on the a new baby, changing.....well, you know.

So, as Car Week is about to begin on the Peninsula, I thought you'd like to know if you're in the market for a beautiful classic car at a "bargain" $15,000, as Bernie called it, you're getting an exceptional car, from an even more exceptional man, who is sharing his "labor of love" with you.  Click here to go to the Craigslist ad and learn more.


Bob Hamilton
My Monterey Peninsula

Check out a cool 60 second video we created about the car

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