Eric Aragon's dedication to Thai martial arts and massage began in Salinas when he was just six years old.  It was Bruce Lee movies that were the first motivation for him and his friends, but, for Eric, it was more than a passing peer became a lifestyle that has resulted in a black belt in traditional Japanese karate and a full time massage studio in the barnyard in Carmel.  With Thai martial arts comes massage after the workout and that's what led Eric into a lifetime of massage.  After high school he did a year of college at Hartnell in Salinas, but, continued his education further under various teachers in the school of massage in San Francisco.

Six years ago he decided to go into massage full time and began Art of Massage in the Carmel Barnyard.  "I realized I could help a lot of people feel better with their pains and aches..I could make a difference.  They walk in feeling pretty crummy and they walk out feeling really good," he laughed. "I enjoy helping them feel better for a couple of hours, or a couple of days or a couple of weeks depending on the situation."

But, more than half of Eric's clients prefer him to bring his table and oils to their house which he does all over the Peninsula.  And, recently, he has added the service that let's people fly him to wherever they are to administer the massage.

But, in the beautiful massage headquarters in Carmel, Eric also has a new infrared sauna which helps the client in many ways including detoxification and weight loss. "The more you do the sauna the more you will get out of it.  If you do it four or five times a week you'll notice a big difference," Eric advised.

Eric has expanded into various forms of massage and now includes Shirodhara Third Eye Therapy, Swedish massage,  Thai and Deep Tissue and sensual massage.

Eric's is also zeroed in on healing including the mental aspect. He points out that massage will help with anxiety and stress relaxes your whole body.  "Using different types of massage helps you move your energy."  Eric also emphasizes Thai stretching which helps you limber up your whole the time you walk out you'll feel a little taller."

Along the healing area, Eric also received his certification of training under Dr. Suzanne Silverstein in dealing with cancer.  This includes diet and the psychological problems that a cancer patient or others going through a major change in their life may have.

Eric usually does an interview on the phone with someone who needs healing and after a 
20 minute or so interview using a standard questionnaire to find as much about the person and their habits as possible...suggests a plan going forward.

Eric also is building  a new service in Salinas called Survival Solutions for Kids.  This will be a series of seminars for both moms and kids or deali with stressful situations and giving them tools to deal with them.

Eric's main studio is in the Barnyard in Carmel, at 3855 Via Nona Marie. Reservations for the studio or on location at your house massage can be obtained on the website or you can call 831-210-8864. 


Watch this video from Eric as he explains even more about Art of Massage

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