If you're looking to cut down on the tension and any soreness you may have from the many activities on the Peninsula, it's a good time to call Eric or book on line.  Art of Massage is right next door to the Post Office near the Barnyard ( 3855 via nona marie
#202F) at the mouth of the Valley..831-210-8864.....and.....

We've got Testimonials!

A conference weekend in Monterey had me in need of a massage, so I did an internet search for the area. Only one person responded because I needed it either Friday evening or Saturday evening, after my sessions.

Since arriving by plane and not having a car, Eric came to pick me up for my appointment. He was prompt and picked me up at the motel. After a short drive to Carmel, he took me to a lovely building where his table was ready for me. The room was clean and comfortable. His professional demeanor made me less conscientious and relaxed. I had a previous injury and he was careful to not aggravate it. Eric was able to find built up tension spots and work them out, being sure to work the areas without hurting me. Deep tissue massage is my favorite for long-term relief and he has strong hands that didn’t seem to tire during the 90 minute session.

I highly recommend Eric and will call on him when I return to Monterey.

Kindest regards, Brenda

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