A very special stop on the Voicemap Monterey Driving Tour is the beautiful Lower Presidio.  At the top of the hill overlooking the park is the “Sloat Monument” dedicated to John B. Sloat who was the captain of the ship that captured (not a shot fired, but, that’s a story for another time) Monterey for the United States.  This monument was built and a sculptor was commissioned in San Francisco to build a statue of Sloat pointing down to the American flag on the Custom House.  But, that statue, which took years to create was destroyed in the 1906 SF earthquake, and there wasn’t time or money to start from scratch and meet the monument’s dedication date in 1910.  The only piece left in the artist’ studio that might work as a replacement was the eagle.  The dedication committee accepted it as this is why we see an eagle instead of a statue of Commodore Sloat.  

Don’t miss the lower Presidio on your next visit to Monterey.  Every stop on the VOiceMap Monterey Driving tour has a short fascinating story for you to hear automatically on the GPS guided tour.  Find out more about both Monterey and Carmel Driving tours as


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