This past Monday. I was speaking with my physical therapist in Marina about lung health and asthma. And he suggested that I try to walk in areas where there were plenty of eucalyptus trees period that didn't surprise me is. I've always heard that eucalyptus was good for asthma and for lung health, but I decided to take a little investigation trip to find out where the eucalyptus trees are in Monterey County.

I was with daughter Rose and family at El Estero and told her about the conversation and she said we're standing under one right now. And so there is a Eucalyptus tree at El Estero and probably all over the peninsula. But to my amazing surprise, there is a Eucalyptus Grove in Carmel Valley that is part of the national register.

Right across from Los Laureles Lodge on Carmel Valley Road at Boranda is the Eucalyptus tree row ...33 trees with a diameter of up to 20 feet..they are 150 to 200 feet tall. They were planted in 1875 and today the row is on the National Register (07001352) 

Eucalyptus tree row was planted in 1875 because malaria was so rampant and was how people were getting sick and dying from the disease in California in those years. And there was belief that the aroma of the eucalyptus leaves would provide health benefits for malaria asthma and other illnesses. I've driven by this place a thousand times looked at it and thought that's beautiful but really never paid any attention and so I was glad to find this little piece of history.

Now I will take my walk down Eucalyptus row at Boranda right across from Los, Laureles Lodge. I wanted to share this info with you in case you deal with asthma and you like to walk as well. 

More on the story of Eucalyptus Row at

I should mention that not everyone likes the Eucalyptus tree as it has been shown to be a bully with other plants and trees.  It takes all the nuturients and water. There is belief that it was responsible for killing several Redwood trees in Palo Colorad area and locals in Moss Landing have cut back on Eucalyptus there.  

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I hope you will take time to do our tours, even if you're an old timer in the area. Maybe there's some things that we can tell you and show you that you might have overlooked over all these years. Thanks Bob Hamilton 
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