Interest rates have gone up, and are supposedly going to continue to increase.  This is in response to the highest inflation in decades.  As a resul, many people are predicting slowdowns in real estate activity, especially from the buyers side as fewer people are able to afford the higher rates.  But, in an interview with us, Bay Area Realtor, Sean Engmann saidthe impact of the economy was having less impact on the Bay Area because of the amount of wealth across the area.  Sean is a native of San Francisco and now makes his home in Montara where is a Coldwell Banker realter.  Sean not only grew up in the Bay but, through his years in athletics, especially as a small college and high school basketball referee, he has an inside knowledge of neighborhoods and school systems in many different areas.  Sean says that investment in real estate in the Bay area is still a good idea and he explains in the video clip in answer to our question.

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