I have known Sean Engmann for several years.  The computer "platform" you are reading this on is called Blogtronix.  We moved our NewRadio operation to Blogtronix when we were turned on to its incredible capabilities.  Sean was the head of Blogtronix and we met him and were impressed by his knowledge, friendliness and fairness.  Ultimately, Sean decided to become a real estate agent and he settled his young family along the Bay Area coast.  Besides obtaining his real estate agent license he also became a certified realty negotiator, got his MBA and completed the "Lean Six Sigma Certification." Through it all, Sean has become an impressive expert in the real estate process.  He has completed filming courses for both buyers and buyers.  Despite buying two homes myself, I learned unbelievable inside knowledge from watching all of  videos.

What really sets Sean apart from most other agents is his knowledge of the bay area.  Sean was born and raised in San Francisco, and he continued to live in various areas of the city as he set out on his own.  But, it was years of athletics, particularly as a small college and high school referee.  He has gone all over the bay area for several years now and he has gotten to know local neighborhoods and school systems very well.  So, when you are talking areas to live he has a life time of experience.

There are some other reasons why, when I decide to buy or sell another house I would choose Sean to represent me in the process.  We'll have that for you in Clip 3 coming up next week.

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