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Max's Helping Paws on the Monterey Peninsula has just published the quintessential guide for all things local for dogs and cats.  This guide can be downloaded on line, but, is also expected to be in printed form in the coming days.  The guide, which is free, "features pet-friendly spaces and places, such as daycare options, parks, veterinarians, trainers, groomers, restaurants and more."  Max's says they'll will keep it updated on a quarterly ba...
Top Reasons Why The Monterey Peninsula is A Great Place for Dogs (and other pets)!

1. Lots of places to walk and explore 

2. Beautiful SPCA just 10 miles away
Whether you need some special non-emergency medical attention for your pet, looking to adopt a new pet, or just in the mood to check it out, this SPCA is a wonderful place to visit.   (831) 373-2631

1002 Monterey-Salinas Highway  (Hwy 68)
Open every day of the year
Daily: 8:00am – 5:00pm to surr...