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This past Monday. I was speaking with my physical therapist in Marina about lung health and asthma. And he suggested that I try to walk in areas where there were plenty of eucalyptus trees period that didn't surprise me is. I've always heard that eucalyptus was good for asthma and for lung health, but I decided to take a little investigation trip to find out where the eucalyptus trees are in Monterey County.

I was with daughter Rose and family at...

A very special stop on the Voicemap Monterey Driving Tour is the beautiful Lower Presidio.  At the top of the hill overlooking the park is the “Sloat Monument” dedicated to John B. Sloat who was the captain of the ship that captured (not a shot fired, but, that’s a story for another time) Monterey for the United States.  This monument was built and a sculptor was commissioned in San Francisco to build a statue of Sloat pointing down to the Ameri...

If you want to do something fun and safe this weekend take our VoiceMap Driving tour...start at Home Depot and we'll guide you step by step down del Monte to the Adobes, Fishermans Wharf, the Presidio and then through Cannery Row to the Aquarium...Quick stories that bring it all to life as you travel...I like the fact that you go at your own speed, pausing and resuming as you go..the tour takes 75 minutes but you can make it last all day with so...

I tell you a 4 1/2 minute story about the Presidio that traces the history of the Lower this video is a 60 second clip to let you know what it sounds like.

This is where Monterey began...Vizcaino came ashore right here under the big Oak hundreds of years ago...and then Portola and Father Serra followed and gave thanks under that same Oak.  This is one of my favorite spots on the Monterey Peninsula...and it's a key spot on the ne...
Max's Helping Paws on the Monterey Peninsula has just published the quintessential guide for all things local for dogs and cats.  This guide can be downloaded on line, but, is also expected to be in printed form in the coming days.  The guide, which is free, "features pet-friendly spaces and places, such as daycare options, parks, veterinarians, trainers, groomers, restaurants and more."  Max's says they'll will keep it updated on a quarterly ba...

The Monterey Peninsula is a great place for kids! Here is our list of family friendly activities.  I am sure you will find something that will make everyone happy!


Monterey Bay Aquarium 886 Cannery Row  831-648-4800

Monterey Zoo  400 River Road 831-455-1902

Monterey Peninsula Recreation Trail (Catch it near Fisherman’s Wharf)

Dennis The Menace Park 777 Pearl Street

El Estero Boating (paddle boats) 798 Del Monte, Monterey 831-375-1484

Earthbound Farms...

So proud of my wife and partner of 36 years! On the road over the past 7 years she discovered her special eye to take stills. She saw this one and took it, now it hangs on the wall of a luxury cabin for rent in Mid Carmel Valley...


Calendar of Events 

for the Monterey Peninsula, 


AT&T - Pebble Beach Golf Tournament
Feb 7-10

Sand City West End Celebration
August 17, 18, 19
Street Fair, Music, Art and over 100 vendors

Monterey Car Week
August 18-26, 2018

August 30 - September 3, 2018 Monterey County Fairgrounds