Voice Map Monterey Voice Tour - A 60 sec Clip from Our Lower Presidio Story

by Bob Hamilton on 08/14/2020, 08:59 PM

Tags: monterey , sloat , serra , vizcaino


I tell you a 4 1/2 minute story about the Presidio that traces the history of the Lower Presidio...in this video is a 60 second clip to let you know what it sounds like.

This is where Monterey began...Vizcaino came ashore right here under the big Oak hundreds of years ago...and then Portola and Father Serra followed and gave thanks under that same Oak.  This is one of my favorite spots on the Monterey Peninsula...and it's a key spot on the new Voice Map Monterey GPS voice tour.  You'll want to put the tour on pause (you set your own pace for the entire tour) and take a walk...at least to the Father Serra statue...the views are incredible from there.  Look across the bay to the best shots of Hotel Del Monte as well...And...here's an idea for the tour.  When you start the tour at Home Depot, you're rightg in front of Smart and Final where you can grab some snacks and take some sandwiches with you. (Also, the new McDonald's will open soon...).  There are numerous picnic tables at the Lower Presidio as well.  The museum, when it opens is also amazing...the Sloat monument at the top of the hill is historic and there are paths to walk up there.

Find out more about this wonderful tour at https://tinyurl.com/y3aetn9o