Great Story! Why Bay Area Native Sean Engmann is an Agent for Coldwell Banker

by Bob Hamilton on 07/26/2022, 09:58 PM

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Just after the devastating San Francisco earthquake and fire, some greedy realtors seized on the opportunity to take advantage of home owners who had essentially lost everything and offer them pennies on the dollar for their properly. They,  then, resold it at a huge profit.  Real estate agent, Colbert Coldwell watched this activity and considered it unethical, immoral and downright dishonest.  He found two other agents who felt the same way and together they formed a brand new real estate company headquartered in San Francisco. The new agency was founded on the principles of fairness, honesty, integrity and knowledgeable real estate professionalism.  In many instances, the new agency found ways to help save and restore the devastated people's homes.  The agency grew very rapidly and in 1913, Colbert invited Benjamin Banker to accompany him on his mission to provide a high quality of service, honesty and work on behalf of their clients.  After a few different iterations, Coldwell Banker was formed.  Now in its second century, Coldwell Banker serves over 50 metropolitan areas across the country with 680 offices and 55,000 agents.  Through it all, the founding principles of integrity, honesty and excellence have been maintained and top company executives believe that both Colbert and Benjamin would be proud of how it has stayed true to their ideals. 

To those who know, and have worked with Bay Area realtor, Sean Engmann, Coldwell Banker is a perfect match.  In our interview with Sean, he outlined those same qualities necessary in his own day to day work.  In the current clip from that interview, Sean candidly explains why he is a Coldwell Banker Agent.