As my caddy guided me around St. Andrews Golf Course, Sean Engmann is the top qualified expert on the Home Buy/sell Process and the Bay Area and will be there for you every step of the way.

by Bob Hamilton on 07/14/2022, 08:44 PM

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 The British Open golf tournament is underway at St. Andrews in Scotland.  Some years ago, I had the wonderful experience of getting to play that course myself.  It was a beautiful day and I scored pretty well, but, one of the main things I took away from that round of golf was my partnership with the caddy.  You don't play the old course without a caddy.  First of all, there are people playing the same green from another course.  It's difficult to even determine the path to the next hole without the caddy's guidance.  Secondly, this is a "links" course, so that hundred yard to the green wedge will get you laying out in the "cabbage."  ("You've got to roll the ball," my reminded me again and again.

When my friend Sean Engmann, who is now a Bay Area Real Estate Agent,  began to show me what he does; the details of buying and selling a house, I thought of my caddy at St. Andrews.  Sean is incredibly knowledgeable and prepared regarding Bay Area housing in the same way my caddy understood every nuance of St. Andrews' fairways and greens.  Like my caddy, Sean is encouraging and empathetic to how huge of a challenge the house buying and selling process can be.  And, just like my caddy directed me on the greens to just the minutest spot to putt the ball, Sean is focused on dotting every i and crossing every t, every step of the way on the real estate journey.

I'll be honest with you.  I wouldn't dream of playing St. Andrews without that wonderful caddy and I wouldn't buy or sell a house in they bay area without my reliance on Sean Engmann either.  Be sure to watch the short video as Sean answers my question on "why choose him."

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