The Larkin of the stops on our new VoiceMap Monterey GPS triggered Voice tour

by Bob Hamilton on 08/10/2020, 06:23 PM

Tags: #sherman , #larkinhouse , #monterey #montereytour

The Larkin House...One of the stops on our new Voicemap Monterey GPS Voice Driving tour. At one time, this house was the headquarters of all of California! We drive past it and don't realize how important it was and how wonderful it is that we still have it to look at. Lieutenant Sherman had the little house next door and walked to work at the Larkin House where he was adjutant general..that young lieutenant, later as a great General, would be instrumental in ending the Civil War and became head of the entire U.S. Army for 14 years. Our Voicemap Monterey GPS Voice Driving tour is full of great Monterey stories that will help you bring this amazing history back to life. If you can't make it to Monterey yet, download it and take it virtually at home, then take the real tour once you are ready to drive Monterey...Home Deport to the at your own pace. Go to #Sherman, #LarkinHouse, #Monterey #Montereytour