Everybody's Touched by the Real Estate World - Here's Sean Engmann's Complete Education Playlist on Selling

by Bob Hamilton on 08/02/2022, 08:10 PM

Categories: Real Estate


Click on the video above to begin continuous videos of the "Selling" playlist.  Or, click on the ribbon menu on the upper right of the video to open up the playlist so you can pick and choose what you want to hear and see.

One way or another we're all touched by the real estate process...whether we are selling or buying a house, or one of our family is...or a friend or fellow worker is..I've learned more about the real estate process from Bay Area realtor Sean Engmann.  Now here's a real treat .  This playlist with a couple of dozen videos on it will cover just about every area you'll need if you or yours are selling a house...Sean knows the real estate process from many different angles.  And, he's got the integrity, honesty and caring that you need in an agent to advise you.  Your "selling real estate" playlist on Youtube is here ...