The Incredible Story of the Green Gables Inn in Pacific Grove

by Bob Hamilton on 04/10/2022, 11:59 AM

Categories: Pacific Grove

On your left at 301 Ocean View Blvd is Green Gables Inn.  Please pull over while I tell you a little about Green Gables.  If there is no parking on this street, Ocean View, there may be on Fifth Street beside Green Gables or even a small parking spot in the back.  This is also a great place to take a walk and maybe get a close up of Green Gables.  They do not mind if you want to take a peak at the beautiful lobby and perhaps pick up a brochure.  The views are incredible.  Green Gables was first buit in 1888 by Englishman, William Lacy, who was an engineer.  It was known as “the Red House” because the framing was redwood.  The Lacys lived in Los Angeles and never occupied the home.  Instead, their friend Emma Murdoch, along with her baby daughter Penelope were the first occupants.  Penelope grew up here with her dog King.  And, there are stories of her playing in the Chinese village nearby.  Over the years, Green Gables changed hands many times, but, it was not until the 1958 when John and Nora Flatley bought the home, that it became an Inn and was christened Green Gables.  However, it had one more go as a private resident when the Post family purchased it in 1971.  The Posts raised four daughters there.  Once grown the Four Entrepreneurial Sisters decided to rent out their rooms in the summer and not only did Green Gables ultimately,  become a full fledged Inn with 11 beautiful rooms, but Four Sisters became a company which now owns 17 similar Inns across California. …

After you take a break and get a closer look please proceed ahead on Ocean View.  If you were parked on 5th, please turn around and turn left on Ocean View in the same direction you were heading before you turned on Fifth.