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by Bob Hamilton on 07/14/2018, 02:45 PM

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If its one thing that the Monterey Peninsula doesn't lack, it's restaurants!  You can find a special place for whatever cravings you may have.  

We list restaurants several ways....
1. By favorites, voted on by locals, hosted by the Carmel Pine Cone
2. By type of food
3. By specialty such as ocean view or dog friendly

If there is a restaurant you discovered that you really love, add it to the comment section below!


We often get asked by guests for suggestions for places to eat or have cocktails.  While we all have our own personal favorites, we tend to agree with the list below and hope you will enjoy exploring the brilliant tastes of the Monterey Peninsula as much as the locals do.

Voted “Best Places 2017/Winter”

Chosen by readers of Carmel’s weekly newspaper, The Carmel Pinecone.

Best Farmers’ Market:  Tuesdays, Alvarado Street in Monterey.   4pm-7pm

Best Bakery: “Pavel’s” 219 Forest Ave. in Pacific Grove.  Tues-Fri 7am-5pm Sat 7am-3pm

Best Place for a Beer: “ Alvarado Street Brewery” 464 Alvarado Street, Monterey

Best Bartender/Cocktails: “Montrio Bistro” 414 Calle Principal, Monterey 831-648-8880

Best Family Restaurant/Dessert:  “Rosine’s”  434 Alvarado St., Monterey  831-375-1400

Best Chinese Restaurant:  “Tommy’s Wok” Mission between Ocean and 7th  831-624-8518

Best Steakhouse:  “The Whaling Station” 763 Wave St., Monterey 831-373-3778

Best Vegetarian Restaurant: “Basil” San Carlos between Ocean & 7th  831-626-8226

Best Fast Food: “In ‘N Out Burger” 1350 Del Monte St., Monterey

Most Dog Friendly:  “Cypress Inn” Lincoln & 7th, Carmel 800-443-7443

Most Romantic Restaurant:  “Casanova” 5th between Mission & San Carlos 831-625-0501

Best Restaurant in Pebble Beach: “Roys at the Inn at Spanish Bay” 2700 17 Mile Drive Pebble Beach  800-877-0597

Best Restaurant in Pacific Grove: “Fandango” 223 17th St. Pacific Grove 831-372-3456

Best Restaurant in Carmel Valley: “Cafe Rustica” 10 Del Fino Place, CV 831-659-4444

Best Restaurant in Big Sur:  “Nepenthe” 48510 Highway 1  Big Sur  831-667-2345

Best Restaurant/wine list/Happy Hour in Monterey: “Sardine Factory” 701 Wave St. Monterey 831-373-3775

Best Restaurant in Carmel/Best Chef/Best Service: “Grasings” 6th & Mission, Carmel 831-624-6562

Saddle Mountain Ranch Locals Favorite Places To Eat

Mexican: “Baja Cantina”      7166 Carmel Valley Rd, Carmel  831-625-2252                 

Chinese: “Chef Lee’s”   2031 Fremont St., Monterey  831-375-9551                         

Vietnamese: “Noodle Bar”  1944 Fremont Blvd., Seaside 831-392-0210                    


“Robata”  3658 The Barnyard, Carmel   831-624-2643

“Harumi”  1760 Fremont St., #H4 Seaside  831-899-9988

Sports Bar:

“Sticks” at the Inn at Spanish Bay  2700 17 Mile Dr.,  Pebble Beach 831-647-7470

“Brophy’s” Sports Bar 4th & San Carlos, Carmel  831-586-5566

“Knuckles” Sports Bar 1 Old Golf Course Rd, Monterey  831-372-1234


“Cafe Fina” 47 Fisherman’s Wharf #1, Monterey  831-372-5200

“Fish Hopper” 700 Cannery Row, Monterey  831-372-8543

“Domenicos” 50 Fisherman’s Wharf #1, Monterey  831-372-3655

“Abalonetti” 57 Fisherman’s Wharf #1.  831-373-1851

“Phils in Moss Landing” 7600 Sandholti Rd, Moss Landing  831-633-2152

“Sandbar and Grill”  9 Fisherman’s Wharf #1, Monterey  831-373-2818


“Little Napoli” Dolores & 7th, Carmel 831-626-6335

“Vesuvio” Junipero & 6th, Carmel 831-626-7373

“Il Vecchio” 110 Central, Pacific Grove  831-324-4282


“Pizza My Heart”  600 Del Monte Shopping Center, Monterey  831-656-9400

“Ioli’s” in Carmel Valley 307 Mid Valley Center, Carmel  831-622-9463

“Mountain Mike” (They also deliver)  26541 Carmel Rancho Blvd  831-624-1007

“Gianni’s” 725 Lighthouse, Monterey  831-649-1500


“Poke Lab”   475 Alvarado St., Monterey  (831) 200-3474


“Jeffrey’s” 112 Mid Valley Center, Carmel  831-624-2029

“Wagon Wheel”  7156 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel  831-624-8878

“First Awakenings” 125 Ocean View Blvd, Pacific Grove  831-372-1125

“Breakfast Club” 1130 Fremont #201, Monterey  831-394-3238

“Katy’s Place” Mission & 6th, Carmel  831-624-0199

“Toasties” 702 Lighthouse, Pacific Grove 831-375-7543

“From Scratch”  3626 The Barnyard, Carmel  831-625-2448

“Layfette” 3672 The Barnyard, Carmel (French Bakery) 831-915-6286

Restaurants with the Best Ocean Views*

“Rocky Point” 36700 Highway 1, Carmel/Big Sur 831-624-2933

“Chart House” 444 Cannery Row,  Monterey  831-372-3362

“Nepenthe” 48510 Highway 1  831-667-2345

“Schooners” 400 Cannery Row  831-372-2628

“El Torito”  600 Cannery Row  831-373-0611

Any restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf

*The best place to have an ocean view, of course, is to take a picnic lunch down to Carmel Beach.  “The Cheese Shop” in Carmel  Plaza offers wine and an extensive selection of cheeses from around the world.   “Brunos Market” on Junipero has a deli and makes terrific sandwiches and box lunches. Grab a blanket, a wine opener and someone you love to complete this recipe for a romantic lunch or sunset dinner.

Dog Friendly:
"Bring Fido" has the most up to date listing of dog friendly restaurants