Voicemap Monterey GPS Trigged Voice Tour - The Story of Hotel del Monte

by Bob Hamilton on 07/27/2020, 09:58 PM

One of the first stops of the brand new Voicemap Monterey tour is the rest stop on del Monte Boulevard just across from the Hotel Del Monte and Naval Post Graduate School.  When the del Mote opened in 1880 it was considered the most elaborate resort in the world....they actually had indoor plumbing, as well as the brand new invention, the telephone, in every room.  When the del Monte opened, they turned down over 3,000 reservations in the first 6 weeks.  

Our GPS triggered Voice tour of Monterey gives you a brief, but, in-depth story of the del Monte..... Here's a 60 second audio clip sample

Or....we made a little video with a 60 second sample ...