My Monterey Peninsula Scottish games 2018

by Bob Hamilton on 07/13/2018, 05:57 PM

Categories: Festivals
Tags: scottish games


Monterey is known for its many major events throughout the year but none is more fun and more local in many ways then the Scottish games. The (almost) 50th annual Scottish games comes to the Monterey County Fairgrounds this weekend with non-stop activities Saturday and Sunday. There are the Scottish games, Scottish dance competitions, drums and Fife and bagpipe band competitions and much more. There are booths where you can buy all kinds of Scottish regalia including your tartan ...and plenty of food to be had as well. What's great about the activities at the fairgrounds is that it is only about 20 minutes away from Saddle Mountain Ranch... Just take Highway 1 North and get off Casa Verde Way, go right and you'll run right into the fairgrounds. You can enjoy all the fun and frolic of the wonderful Scottish games and then when you're ready for peace and quiet head back home to Saddle Mountain Ranch.

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